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The Finnish National Theatre’s Touring Stage unit was established in November 2010. The Touring Stage’s mission is to promote social equality and well-being through art. We take productions to people in locations which have little or no access to live art. Our performances take place amid the routine of institutions – in other words, in people’s homes. The Touring Stage’s repertoire is available for hire by health care and social institutions, prisons and reception centres.

The Touring Stage develops its projects through interaction with different kinds of marginalized groups. We create socially inclusive documentary theatre. Our methods involve research at grass roots level, field work in institutions, close contact with the public and workshops organized for the residents of various units. This gives us greater insight into the subjects and communities towards which our performances are directed. One of the Touring Stage’s goals is to give voice to marginalized groups and engage in societal discussion through art, thus making a deeper and broader connection between the artistic establishment and the community.

During 2011-2012, the Touring Stage’s field work and activities focused on asylum seekers residing in reception centres (Reception project). This was followed in 2012-2014 by the Soviet Union project, which explored elderly Finns’ recollections and impressions of the former Soviet Union. In 2013-2014, the Pearl project turned its attention to addiction rehabilitation centres, and in 2014 we worked together with people suffering from acute loneliness (Loneliness project). 2014 also marked the beginning of a Prison project which will continue for several years. The main focus of our activities in 2015 was a documentary theatre project entitled Freedom Fear, which concerned individuals who were preparing to be released from prison. The project for 2016-2018 is called Other Home, and involves working together with professional artists who have recently entered Finland as refugees.

The Touring Stage’s unique approach to theatre offers artists a creative and liberating opportunity to explore their art in conditions which differ from the norm. Our aim is also to question the hierarchical nature of traditional theatre methods – here, the whole company participates in the ground work and contributes to the many phases of the artistic process.

At its best a project and the subsequent touring performances succeed in building bridges between different groups of people and allows participants to experience equal opportunity.



Jussi Lehtonen
Touring Stage’s Artistic Director
tel.+358 50 441 7611

Roosa Vaverka
tel. +358 50 373 1925


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